Research & Development

Through continuous product development, comprehensive knowledge of materials and advanced research collaboration, our products always remain on the cutting edge of innovative protective equipment.

Our products are developed through extensive research and testing. This approach has enabled us to offer a diverse portfolio of products.

By operating as both the legal manufacturer and distributor of our products, we gain firsthand insights through the product lifecycle - from the initial development to the commercialization of each product. We continuously research, develop, and harness top-quality resources to create cutting-edge products that meet our clients' evolving needs.

Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they effectively address the real-world challenges they are designed to combat, with a steadfast commitment to protecting both people and the environment from various hazards.

Here is an example of what our research and development has culminated in. We are very proud to present our ProDon™ Dispensing System:


ProDon™ Dispensing System

The future of glove dispensing: Interfolded disposable gloves - dispensed one at a time, cuff first. Discover how the ProDon™ Dispensing System can elevate your workplace.

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