Sustainable Safety

We are committed to a more sustainable path. Learn about the work we have accomplished thus far and the improvements we are actively pursuing.

Sustainability is a long-term commitment. One small step at a time, where every effort matters.

We deliver high quality, protective equipment to working people worldwide, ensuring workplace safety and welfare, even beyond working hours. Hence, safety and sustainability are truly embedded in our core. Each sustainable endeavor we undertake holds immense importance. 

People, product and planet

Our foundation for sustainable growth is built upon three core areas: people, product, and planet. Within each, we are committed to initiatives contributing to carefully selected areas within the UN Sustainability Development Goals. Let’s look at the first P as in People.



We maintain a methodical and proactive approach to workplace safety, which includes thorough risk observations, comprehensive safety assessments, and prompt implementation of due diligence measures. Our commitment extends to assisting our customers, with an internal focus on enhancing safety at TEGA.

Since 2022, we have provided training on our code of conduct to our employees. Moreover, we mandate our direct product suppliers to comply with our business code of conduct. For our other partners, ethical standards are also outlined in the code of conduct, which clearly defines their responsibilities, including CSR concerns.

We encourage transparency and accountability, offering an open whistle-blower mechanism accessible to all.


Code of Conduct

Discover more about TEGA's Code of Conduct and our ongoing work towards upholding social responsibilities.

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TEGA is committed to producing high-quality products with a sustainability focus, increasing our use of recycled materials. 

We continuously work to replace hazardous chemicals with safe alternatives in both production and products, following a comprehensive Restricted Substances List.

Our packaging is optimized too. We are proud to state that 100% of our products' cartons and inner boxes are made of paper sourced from FSC-certified forestries.



Discover more about our product's standards, certifications and features in our product directory.



TEGA is dedicated to minimizing emissions across all aspects of our operations. However, it's important to acknowledge that in the PPE industry, certain challenges exist in areas beyond our full control, such as transportation and chemical emissions in manufacturing. We recognize that, just like other companies in our industry, we share the same struggle. To address these challenges, we collaborate closely with our partners to develop long-term solutions.

On a global scale, we prioritize sea transport as our primary mode for inbound shipments. Collaborating with our transportation partners, we actively work to minimize CO2 emissions.

Products manufactured in Asia are primarily shipped by sea to Norway. Our warehousing facility is strategically located within 500 meters from the Port of Tananger to facilitate for efficient and sustainable logistics.