Introducing ProDon™

The future of glove dispensing: Interfolded disposable gloves - dispensed one at a time, cuff first. The top choice for every workplace where hand-hygiene is critical, and the risk of cross-contamination is present.

Smart. Simple. Safe.

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Interfolded stacking enables dispensing of one glove at a time - cuff first.

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Avoid touching the dispenser box, other gloves or critical surfaces of the donned glove

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Enjoy quick and consistent donning and reduced risk of cross-contamination and waste


The ProDon Dispensing System enables operations to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and decrease environmental footprint.

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The ProDon™ Dispensing System

  • Packing: Interfolding maximizes the use of space within the dispenser box. The compact design of the dispenser box lowers storage and distribution costs and minimizes cardboard waste.
  • Dispensing: The dispensing system guarantees only one glove is dispensed at a time, meaning no excess gloves are donned, contaminated or spilled - thereby reducing waste by at least 10%. Gloves are dinspensed cuff first, reducing the risk of cross-contamination by avoiding contact with critical areas of the donned glove (thumb, fingers and palm).
  • Wall-mounting: ProDon™ brackets keep the dispenser box untouched and away from potentially contaminated surfaces, maintaining its accessibility in a fixed position throughout its use.
  • Infection control: Based on a number of case studies, The ProDon™ dispensing system is 96% more effective at reducing cross-contamination compared to conventional dispenser boxes.
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